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Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary

The Enchanted Forest Sanctuary (EFS) needs its Guides

Guides WHERE ARE YOU???? You know you love traveling over the trails and making a wonderful morning or afternoon for your guests.

The Sanctuary has asked Joanie and Barbara to invite you, remind you, that the EFS needs you very much. The fact that some of the school class tours are being postponed makes the Sanctuary verrrrry sad.

Please take a little time to give yourself a Forest treat, and share that with our tour groups. Everyone will feel sooooo good to wander the Forest and the Sanctuary will glow in happiness!

"Volunteering my time as a guide at the Enchanted Forest has been an incredibly rewarding experience."
--Veteran Hike Guide--

For information or to register, contact
Joanie Faulls

For Brevard County EEL Program information about the Enchanted Forest: www.eelbrevard.com/eel/enchforest

Information about the EEL Program: www.eelbrevard.com

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