Photographs From The Blue Heron Wetlands, in Titusville, FL

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AmericanBittern-2 B.C.NightHeron BaldEagle BobcatKitten
American Bittern B.C. Night Heron Bald Eagle Bobcat Kitten
Catbird CommonYellowThroat CrayfishForLunch Don'tMessWithMe
Catbird Common Yellow Throat Crayfish For Lunch Don't Mess With Me
FeedingTime-1 FemaleWoodDuck FrogDinner G.W,Teal-2
Feeding Time Female Wood Duck Frog Dinner Green Wing Teal
LittleGuy NorthernFlicker NorthernHarrier-2 PurpleGallinule-3
Little Guy Northern Flicker Northern Harrier Purple Gallinule
RoseateSpoonbills RunAwayDeer Sharp-shinnedHawk TheTreeFrog
Roseate Spoonbills Run Away Deer Sharp-shinned Hawk Green Tree Frog

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