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Soldiers in Iraq

Florida Fallen Heroes Quilt Project



TO HELP create memory quilts honoring Florida's "FALLEN HEROES" of Iraq and Afghanistan

NEED one or more 9 1/2" block(s) with patriotic design(s)

NAMES of DECEASED will be put on each quilt block

FINISHED QUILTS will be exhibited throughout Florida

DONATIONS APPRECIATED to help pay for quilting materials

FOR INFORMATION please call (321) 269-2613

Please send quilt squares or any financial contributions to:
Florida Fallen Heroes
3840 Grovewood Lane
Titusville, FL 32780

Our First Quilt

Click for pictures of all the quilts.
Click for an enlargement
and to see all of our quilts.

Contact the photographer for digital images or prints of the quilts or individual squares.

Purpose of our Project

To honor the "Fallen Heroes" of Iraq and Afghanistan in a permanent way. Our inspiration was a young man in our community who served in Iraq. Upon his return, he expressed his desire to memorialize the friends he lost. Thus, our community project was born. A small group decided to honor our Florida's military with a Florida Fallen Heroes Quilt project. Each square of every quilt will bear the name of a deceased military member.

Presently, we have completed ten quilts and we will continue our project as long as there are soldiers to be recognized. It is our intention to display our quilts throughout the State of Florida and, hopefully, find a permanent home in Tallahassee.


  1. Contact your quilting friends in Florida and beyond to support this project.
  2. Need their names, addresses, phone numbers, and eMail addresses.

We need financial contributions for:

  1. To purchase quilting materials
  2. To pay for someone to sew top quilt layer and putting together on a quilting arm

Thank you for wanting to be part of this worthwhile endeavor.

As we reflect upon 2005 when our project was born, we were blessed with the overwhelming support from the Florida community and beyond. Quilters, guilds, volunteers and generous contributors helped to make our "Fallen Heroes Quilt Project" worthwhile and successful. We could not have done it without all of you!

A very special thank you to Ruth Gulbrand, Pam Butner, Sharon Green, and Ruth Sultz, who have given their time and effort to piece, iron and sew all of our quilt tops together. Their dedication and hard work is gratefully appreciated.


Presently, all ten completed quilts are now housed in the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville, Florida (1025 Museum Circle, Jacksonville, Florida 32207). They will proudly display our Florida Fallen Hero Quilt Project collection at their discretion. Any additional quilts will be mailed to the museum.

When all quilt squares are depleted, the project will end, unless new squares are donated! At this point the quilt square supply is almost diminished. Each quilt square should leave a space for us to add the name of a fallen hero.