How to apply for Medwaiver services

Excerpted from The Special Gathering newsletter Connecting Point - April, 3016

Are there the "Haves" and the "Have Nots" in Florida's
Developmental Disabilities Program System?

One social worker in Florida calls those mentally challenged persons who receive medwaiver services, "The Haves." Very few people receive services funded from General Funds. And these services are extremely limited. These people can be called the "Have Nots."

In the past, many parents and mentally challenged adults were satisfied with the services they received even though they were not receiving medwaiver funding. They do not want to "upset the system" by asking for Medwaiver funding. Others wanted to receive these additional services. But they did not know what to do to receive them.

The first leg in the journey is to ask to be put on the waiver. You can do this by requesting in writing and sending it to your district Devel- opmental Disabilities Program office. The person who will receive these services should sign this letter and i f possible even write it. You can receive the mailing address fi you currently have a social worker. You can also contact your Special Gathering area director for help in finding this address.

After the district office has received your request, they will send you a form called the "Developmental Services/Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Application for Participation." Fill out this form and send it back to the district office.

I f you are not sure whether your state is receiving medwaiver (also know as Medicaid Waiver or Med Waiver) dollars, you should contact your service coordinator or your Special Gathering Area Director for information.

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Opened: 3/30/2016