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The North Brevard Business Directory will be even more useful if you will participate in insuring that all non-profit organizations, Places to Go & Things to Do, and important government & community sites are included.

Non-Profit Organization
Listings & HomePages:
We would like this directory to include every non-profit organization in North Brevard.
The value of being listed on this extensive community directory has been established for more than a decade.

To do this, we need your help.

Free Basic Listing: The NBBD will provide a free listing on the Non-Profit Organizations sub-directory for local non-profit organization, church, or club. This will include: Name, Address, Contact person, Phone, eMail address, meeting place and time(s), plus a 20 word description. It can include a link to your present website and eMail address.
      It will be listed in alphabetical order, in simple black type. Places of Worship have a special section. Let´s see how many organizations have members on the WWW. Please submit your information by eMail

NBBD Non-profit Websites: We provide:

In both cases, we can attach your PDF newsletter to the website;
and we can provide details of secular community events that you sponsor that are linked from the very popular NBBD Calendar of Events.

Non-Profit Organization - 1/2 Price Hosting
12/2010 — For many years Peak Performance Co. provided the non-profit organization websites free. The growth of the NBBD and the economy in general make this a non-viable situation. We are asking that Non-profit organizations pay 1/2 the hosting costs charged for commercial sites. Peak Performance Co. will continue, within reason, to be your volunteer webmaster. We will not take websites down for non-payment. However, we ask that you voluntarily send us this nominal fee. We will set up a billing system as soon as possible.

The NBBD provides these low cost Home Pages for any local "family friendly" Non-Profit organization. These home pages are similar to the commercial web pages that we offer. Please go to Peak Performance Co. for details.
These are sponsored by local advertising on your web site. Non-sponsored web pages are available at regular commercial hosting prices and I will volunteer services as a web master.
We can also do complete independent domain web sites at low cost for low income non-profits. Please contact me to discuss your needs and my availability.
Do not send information without proper authorization from the organization.

Larger non-profit organizations with more than a few paid employees and/or an advertising budget are expected to pay the regular monthly hosting fees. Please contact me with your needs and for more information.

Calendar of Events: The NBBD can not publish meeting times or religous or political events on the calendar - there are just too many of them for the webmaster to handle. This is a calendar of major, public invited, community events and festivals. Religious & Political events go on their individual websites. Clubs & Churches are invited to provide their main meeting time in the Non-Profit Organizations Directory.

In order to have an event listed on the NBBD Calendar of Events, you must have a web page on the NBBD where I can put the details of the event.

Places to Go — Things to Do:
50 word non-profit listings are FREE.

You are invited to send me the Name, Address, Contact person, Phone, eMail address, meeting place and time(s), plus a 50 word description (or KeyWords for a search) of your favorite non-profit Place to Go or Thing to Do in or near North Brevard. Information should be in this order and submitted by eMail (or by regular Mail to NBBD, 4030 Winter Terrace, Titusville, FL 32780). Please send an eMail.

For profit organizations that have a LinkPage (small web site) on NBBD.COM are listed here with a link to their home page.

Let's make sure that no one can justify saying that there is nothing to do here in North Brevard!

Government and Other Community Resources

Please send me the URL (http://xxx.zzz/) and a brief description of the site that you propose to be linked from our Government and Community Resources sub-directory.
Please send an eMail

NOTE: The goal of NBBD.COM is to provide comprehensive information about North Brevard for local folks and the world at large. All web sites on the NBBD are copyright by Peak Performance Co. They are the property of Peak Performance Co. It is the policy of the owner, David N. Rich, that they accurately reflect the organizations that they represent. I depend on those organizations to keep their information correct and up to date by contacting me regularly.

The NBBD is supported by the businesses (and some non-profit groups) that pay to have their web sites on one of the most effective community directories on the world wide web.

How often is it used?

Calendar of Events

We want to keep the public informed of what is going on here in North Brevard (& Christmas)
Major events will be "Twittered" to our growing list of Twitter.com/AboutTitusville followers.

Calendar of Events listings consist of

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