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October 2006

It's time to order Christmas Luminaries
Let's light up Spring Valley

It's time to place your order for Christmas luminaries. Wouldn't it be great if every home in Spring Valley displayed luminaries on Christmas Eve? They're not expensive and require little work to place on the sidewalk. The price is only $3.50 a dozen including bags, cups, and candles. Luminaries are bought through the Titusville Garden Club. Orders must be placed early because the Garden Club orders them in bulk. Orders for each participating neighborhood must then be counted out. Then, individual orders have to be made up for each home in Spring Valley. The final date for Spring Valley orders is November 8TH. Payment must accompany each order. For additional information or to order luminaries contact: Joan Richardson-269-3972 Jeanne Hillock-267-5817

Neighborhood Watch

For many years Spring Valley had a very active Neighborhood Watch Program along with many other neighborhoods in Titusville. The Titusville Police Department Crime Prevention Unit sponsored the program. Five years ago Titusville Police dropped the program. While we would not have direct support by the department, we can have our own Spring Valley Neighborhood Watch program with support of the department in the form of speakers or printed information materials when requested.

There have been some misconceptions about the program. It does not require individuals to patrol the area all night at scheduled times with flashlights, radios, and hardhats. The program is aimed at making individuals more aware of their surroundings and their neighbors. It asks that we return to the idea that we should not only look out for ourselves, but for others as well. If the people next door are away and you see a stranger trying doors or windows or wandering about the house-take action-call the police. Don't give in to the current excuse for not taking action, "I don't want to get involved." The police would much rather stop a possible burglary than investigate one after the fact. Your neighbor would appreciate your getting involved just as you would if the neighbors called the police when they saw suspicious activity at your house.

When you help someone, you are neither a busybody nor a nosy neighbor.

The program does call for some organization. There has to be a neighborhood coordinator for the subdivision and "Block Captains" on each street. (Joe Richardson has volunteered to be coordinator). Longer streets call for more than one Block Captain. The coordinator administers the program overall. He serves as a central contact with the police department to arrange for handouts, speakers for meetings, etc. Block Captains will be the contact for anyone who has called the police regarding an incident on their street. Through a telephone tree, the block captain will contact the coordinator and other block captains to assure that they are alerted to the possibility of crime or vandalism on their streets. Block captains will also distribute handouts to residents on their block.

We need:

We have a Neighborhood Watch sign on Troutstream. The coordinator is trying to get a new sign for the Autumn Street entry. These signs are, in themselves deterrents. People who see the signs know that Spring Valley residents are alert to potential crime and hesitate to commit crimes in the area. To get additional information or to volunteer to serve as a block captain, please call Joe Richardson at 269-3972.


If you have news that you believe should be included in our newsletter, please contact the editor, Joe Richardson at 269-3972 or email him at: Jrichard35@cfl.rr.com.

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