Oculina Coral Reefs off East Florida
©2005 NOAA Undersea Research Center at UNCW.

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top and side of koenig0061 top of koenigs block e0062 urchin orgy very closeup oculina r0064
top and side of koenig0061.jpg top of koenigs block e0062.jpg urchin orgy.jpg very closeup oculina r0064.jpg
white clay white oculina head white softcoral white sponge and shell
white clay.jpg white oculina head.jpg white softcoral.jpg white sponge and shell.jpg
wrass yellow shrimp yellowtail reef fish o0071 yellowtails on oculina
wrass.jpg yellow shrimp.jpg yellowtail reef fish o0071.jpg yellowtails on oculina.jpg